All You Need to Know Before Your Expedition

Teachers, Leaders & Volunteers

Every Expedition is made on the terms of what you and the students want. These trips provide the opportunity to study the local culture and a unique area which holds an abundance of biodiversity.

Your Tour can be designed around the requirements of the institution and are highly flexible. For example you could be based at Ponto Do Ouro to take part in our expedition or alternatively as an add on include a Safari to Kruger National Park and part take in a PADI / SSI Open Water Course to explore Ponta’s unique and rich underwater world.

The price will depend on what is required, but a free teacher/academic field place is given for every 8 students.

Useful Information


Please be aware that your passport must have at least 6 months validity (period before expiry) at the time of your arrival into Mozambique / South Africa. Failure to have at least 6 months validity on your passport will ensure denial of entry into Mozambique / South Africa. You will also need to have two consecutive and opposite blank pages in your passport to be stamped, otherwise you may not be allowed entry.


Nationalities of many, but not all, countries are issued a visa on arrival in South Africa for 90 days. It is your responsibility to check if this applies to you by consulting the Country embassy. 

A visa is needed to entry of Mozambique and needs to be done and approved before departure, Please refer to the embassy addresses below:

Mozambique Embassy

South African Embassy

If you or your child/student does need a visa and is/are under the age of 18, you will also need to produce specific documents showing parental consent for your trip to Mozambique / South Africa. These are required to be produced at the point of visa application. 

For any further question or information please contact : [email protected]

Blue British passport

General Advice

It is vital that every participant visits their doctor or travel clinic at least 2 months prior to departure in order to get the latest advice on vaccinations and medications for the region you are travelling to. 

We are unable to advise what vaccinations you need due to people not being able to have certain injections. Please visit your local GP on vaccination updates.

It’s worth checking out for up to date travel information on vaccinations in your travelling destination.


Everybody must visit their doctor or travel nurse before travel to get official advice on which vaccinations are necessary.

Rabies: Your health professional may ask you whether you will be at an increased risk of rabies. It is not compulsory to get the rabies vaccinations as you will not be handling mammals and we have protocols in place to ensure that in the very unlikely event that you were bitten by a potential rabies vector, appropriate treatment could be given within a suitable timeframe. 

Yellow Fever: The yellow fever vaccination is not currently advised for travel to the area that we are working in. However, if you are travelling through or from a yellow fever zone, then you must make sure that you have had the yellow fever vaccination and that you carry your proof of vaccination. Click here for the World Health Organisation’s advice on yellow fever vaccination requirements for international travellers to any country.


There are varying recommendations to the malaria risk in Mozambique and South Africa due to different levels of prevalence in different areas, and seasonal changes in mosquito abundance. However, some site locations are within the bounds of malarial risk areas so it is usually recommended that volunteers take prophylaxis (malaria tablets). 

Always listen to the advice of your doctor. The best form of protection is to prevent mosquito bites as much as possible. You can do this by wearing long sleeved clothing, particularly in the mornings and evenings, and by having a good insect repellent (deet)

If you are diving as part of your expedition and are given Larium as a prophylaxis please ask for an alternative. You cannot dive on Larium and anyone taking it will not be allowed to dive on site.