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Mozambique & South Africa Expedition

Expedition Itinerary

  • Fly to Maputo airport Mozambique.
  • Meet, greet and orientation by QE team members and personal tour crew.
  • Transfers to Komatipoort border(bus/train/taxi)
  • Transfers to Kruger National Park or Marloth Park Kruger.
  • 2/3 nights accommodation in Kruger National Park or Marloth Park Kruger.
  • Guided trek(s) of Kruger National Park with park ranger.
  • Guided drive(s) of Kruger National Park with park ranger.
  • Transfers to Komatipoort border(bus/train/taxi)
  • Transfers to Maputo (bus/train/taxi)
  • One night cultural stopover in Maputo diversity of city to rural areas and get finances for projects and materials. 
  • Transfers to Ponta Do Ouro Southern Mozambique (Junta/Bus/Chapa/Taxi).
  • Local camp based accommodation Ponta Do Ouro 9 – 14 nights available.
  • Breakfast and evening meal provided throughout the tour.
  • Orientation, preparation and settlement with QE team and staff members.
  • Water safety management, open water swimming, snorkelling, free diving and sea survival conducted by qe instructors.
  • Cetacean, marine mammal and marine environment interaction and monitoring programme with QE crew and local marine experts.
  • Community lead understanding and development programme through teaching, interaction, assistance and play with local community and QE staff.
  • Leatherback & Loggerhead turtle observation and monitoring national parks protection project with ANAC Peace Parks authority and QE team.
  • Coastal and marine environment observation, clean and micro plastic monitoring with national parks, local community and QE instructional team.
  • Community hike and observation station monitoring with QE team. 
  • Recreation and relaxation 
  • Transfer to Maputo airport at the end of tour by QE staff.
Not Included:
  • Flights too and from Mozambique
  • Any additional activities
Map of Kruger National Park

You Expedition Breakdown

Man and Woman waving and greeting people at accommodation

Personalised Meet & Greet

  • Fly to Maputo airport Mozambique
  • Meet, greet and orientation by Quest Expedition team members
  • One Nights Accommodation in Maputo Mozambique ( Cultural Experience)
  • Day 2 – Transfers from Maputo to Ponta Do Ouro southern Mozambique via (Junta/Bus/Chapa/Taxi)

Kruger National Safari Park

  • 2/3 nights Safari camp within the National Park
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • 4×4 Guided drive(s) Safari of Kruger national Park
  • Wilderness trek(s) with educated park ranger to bring you as close to nature as you can get
  • Opportunity to view the big 5 in their natural environment
  • Chance to observe the world heritage Dark Skies stargazing site

Accommodation & Catering

  • Local camp based accommodation with a 4 minute walk from the Indian Ocean
  • Breakfast and Dinner catered at accommodation
  • The units are equipped with lamps, fans, power points, side tables and shelf space
  • Showers and toilets in two separate buildings one for Ladies and another for the Gents
  • WiFi is available in all areas and is free of charge.

Water Skills & Safety

  • Introduction to open water safety and boat management 
  • Snorkelling, free diving and regulated Swim Code of Conduct, created to ensure a safe and sustainable eco- friendly approach to marine interaction

Community Involvement

  • Learn about the local community and there way of life through personal interaction
  • Assist within the local community to build rapport and self growth

Turtle Monitoring & Conservation

  • Join local guides to monitor Leatherback and Loggerhead turtles along the vast coast of Ponto Do Ouro
  • Collected data about turtles observed to help further conservation efforts
  • Witness turtles nesting and hatching  (not guaranteed due to nesting seasons)
  • Keep nesting areas accessible for marine life to roam safely 
  • Coastal environment observation, clean up and micro plastic monitoring
  • Q&A throughout with guides for advanced marine understanding

Mammal & Marine Interaction

  • 3 Boat Launches for Ocean Safari and marine exploration
  • Cetacean snorkelling interactions 
  • Community and local ecosystem environmental Clean Up Program
  • Dolphin, Whale, Turtle & Whale Shark Viewing And Interaction
  • Various Ecology Programs
Child takes a photo of the photographer with two other children watching next to him

Community Hike and Observation

  • Join the local community and the Quest Expedition team for a hike to the top of Ponto Do Ouro
  • Beautiful surrounding view of the coast and Ponto Do Ouro
  • Relaxing hike 
Woman holding surfboard at edge of sea

Relaxation & Recreational days

  • Enjoy these days to explore, play or just chill out on the beach
  • Surfing
  • Snorkelling
  • Body therapy treatments 
  • Games
Map of Ponta do Ouro and MozambiqueMap of the South East of Kruger National Park in South Africa