Community understanding & development through teaching, interaction, assistance with local community

Community & Cultural Engagement

Community & Cultural Engagement

  • Work with Missionary St Francis Church
  • Education
  • Religions & Beliefs
  • Health
  • Welfare
  • Swim water safety with locals
  • Explore local community and local shops
  • Local economy
  • Community Clean up
Child takes a photo of the photographer with two other children watching next to him

Community & Cultural Engagement Activities

Missionary St Francis

  •  St Francis Church is at the centre of the community and where locals come together here for more than just religion 
  • A building and grounds in need of repair and TLC will see you helping with local projects
  • Fundraise to help towards a better future 
Front of St. Francis Church in Ponto do Ouro

Education & swim safety with the locals

  • Learn and educate the local children
  • Pass on best practices of every day life; Health, Welfare, Hygiene
  • Pass on what you have learnt about water safety
  • Make awareness of environmental protection

Ponto Do Ouro Living

  • Get to know the locals in the real Africa 
  • Local orientation of the area and how the people of Ponto live
  • Understand the cultural beliefs and open up to experience and empathise with locals
People riding motorbike with bus on side of road
1st page of letter from St Francis Missionary2nd page of letter from St Francis Missionary
Full text of letter from Fr. Raju Minj of St Francis in Ponta de Ouro

Dear Lee,

Lots of greetings and best wishes of New Year 2020 to you and your company and all the collaborators from Ponta de Ouro, Mozambique. May this year be full of God's blessings in all that you do and undertake. Here I am fine by the grade of God and wish you and your company the same.

First of all I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for the prompt reply and support. You cam like an angel and showed your love and concern for us and the church where we worship and praise the same God.

I would like to share about the church in Ponta de Ouro, Mozambique. The faithful are slowly growing and faithful as such economically are poor and their contribution is very less to do some work in the church and things are costly. The church needs many repair works and many things still lacking. I would like to mention some of the urgent works we need to do in the church which are as follows:

  • Change one side of the tin sheets which is rusted and leaks - because of sea water
  • Tile works inside the church and outside veranda (cement is coming out)
  • Painting the church
  • Gate is rusted that has to be repaired
  • We borrowed the money to do veranda work which has to be refunded. Eight thousand meticals
  • Dig bore well
  • Benches to sit
  • One big room for the catechism class
  • Cupboards in the sacrisity
  • Fans - summer is very hot

These are some of the urgent works and things we require in the church.


We have also pre-school with minimum facilities and we have already started with 40 children. In the school also we require many things as follows:

  • Dress for the children, food, toys
  • Chair, table, desk, one open cupboard to keep bags, 2 fire extinguishers
  • One cupboard to keep file of the children
  • Children garden outside playing things
  • Needs to repair roof when it rains it leaks where they sleep
  • Study material

These are above things we require urgently in the church as well as in the pre-shcool. As you have shown your love and concern to assist us we will be very grateful to you and your company. Thanking you for you love and concerns. May God bless you and your family and all the collaborators.

With Love

Fr Raju Minj, Ponta de Ouro