The Unique South Wales environment and Conditions Report for 8th November 2014

Its coming into November now and its starting to get a bit chilly, thank god we have our wet suits to keep us warm or doing the activities now would be a bit uncomfortable. As always the wet suits aren't only for us but also for you, the clients. We endeavour to make sure you are are as comfortable and warm as possible so you can still adventure throughout the winter months. As such we run all activities through the year at our sites located near Cardiff, Swansea and throughout South Wales.

Being away from South Wales to study in York I have found myself missing my local environment, there is really no where else that has the bounties South Wales has. The Waterfall region in Brecon is extremely unique not just in its aesthetics but in the fact that we can use them. The environment in South Wales allows us to get in the mix with Gorge walking, jumping straight into the flowing water, although knowledge of the environment is also required. I find myself missing the ability to jump into rivers, go with their flow, climb up through gorges next to them and jump off waterfalls. It really is an intense experience that i believe everyone should engage with at least once. The coast is perfect for coasteering and extremely close allowing anyone to engage with the nature in Wales, all thats required is the knowledge of the area and the ability to tame it.


The conditions for the weekend are really testing for all events, the winds are high, the sea state is rough, the rainfall is High, the rivers are flowing strongly, so caution must be taken with all activities. The Surfing conditions could be good on Coney beach in Porthcawl in South Wales, the swell is big but the winds are high as well, so coney should be the best option, also the tides are Big springs so watch out for the early morning tides.

The Coasteering is out of question unless you go to pembrokeshire, winds and swells are to high, however the Canyoning and Gorge Walking close to Cardiff and Swansea is looking good with the rivers flowing strongly. This must only be undertaken with expert assistance, the waterfalls region in the brecon beacons is looking amazing but must proceed with caution. Get your Kayaks out though because the rivers are flowing, again only for the experience though.




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