Stag Parties & Stag Weekends In Cardiff And Swansea

Those organizing a stag party, looking for something more than just a bunch lads going out and drinking on the town, would do well to head to wonderful South Wales. From learning survival techniques in the wilds, to really bonding with your mates, the areas around Cardiff and Swansea are tailor made for enthralling stag weekends.

Wales has jaw dropping scenery, with the countryside around Cardiff delivering in buckets. Gorge scrambling for example is something that all men will surely enjoy. With little or no experience, it won’t be long until you are scrambling across rock faces, leaping into waterfalls and exploring the inner most sanctums of dark caves.
Once all the adrenaline packed adventures are over for the day, and it is time to nurse those bumps and bruises; it is likely a drink or two will be in order. And this will lead you into Cardiff, the youngest capital city in Europe. There are cocktail bars aplenty, whilst the nightlife is amongst the best across the whole of the UK.

Combining more than its fair share of attractions; from karting to rock climbing, partying to sightseeing there is a great deal on offer. With many of the finest looking girls in the land; it is no wonder it is a hot destination for stag parties.
There is a range of accommodation too, from five star luxury hotels offering post-activity spa treatments, to budget hotels and affordable bed and breakfast stopovers.
The capital city of Wales is not the only place in the country that can host an exceptional stag weekend though. And in this regard Swansea adds its hat to the ring. A vibrant city that buzzes with excitement, it enjoys its position right on the coast.

Indeed, it is the natural beauty that attracts many. Not necessarily to take in the breathtaking views, (though this is always good), but to fully indulge in the city of Swansea is also a must. There are many great adventure activities on offer here to; from scaling sheer cliff faces, to canoeing down rapid rivers, or kayaking in the breaking waters along the shore.

The Gower Peninsula, an area of outstanding natural beauty, offers a good deal more than fast paced action away from the hustle and bustle of the main city centre itself. Back in Swansea city centre, there is a pulsating nightlife that attracts all kinds of ages. With some of the most modern bars and clubs in the land, and award winning restaurants, it can be as crazy or refined as the stag party wants.
For those looking to impress the ladies; there is plenty of opportunity for this too. However, Swansea girls are not going to be too impressed with idiots. So a healthy wallet and sense of fun would do well here…

Porthcawl is a mecca for stag parties and activity based stag weekends. With a full compliment of watersports on hand including the world famous Rest Bay for Surfing, you will also find windsurfing, kayaking and powerboating. Porthcawl is ideally placed for outdoor adventures in the Brecon Beacons National Park where you can test your mountain walking, gorge walking and climbing skills. There are plenty of pubs and bars in Portcawl but limited nightclubs, however, both bustling Cardiff and Swansea are a short journey away.

The South of Wales is readily accessible from cities and towns across England; with excellent train links and road links. Both cities have a very much youthful feel about them, and the students that live there through the year certainly know how to work, rest and play well.

There are many companies offering stag parties and stag weekends in Cardiff and Swansea these days; all with excellent deals and activities. As with booking, anything for these types of activities it is always sensible to check out their credentials before handing over any cash; just to make sure your party to end all parties doesn't fall flat on its face before the beer has started flowing.

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