Outdoor activities in Cardiff: a different type of Corporate team building!

Corporate team building activities in Cardiff can provide a range of benefits for all members of the team.

When co-workers participate in these types of events outside of the office, it can build trust, problem solving and communication skills. Both staff and management are able to put aside the structure and deadlines of the corporate world and socialise on a more informal basis.

The type of event that is chosen to facilitate the team building is important. Choosing an unusual activity can evoke a sense of excitement and a feeling of besting a challenge. For a few ideas of some different types of team building activities in Cardiff, read on below.

Canyoning and Gorge Walking

Wales is home to some of the world's best waterfalls that are accessible. Gorge walking and canyoning are popular options when it comes to team building activities. Located less than an hour from towns such as Swansea, Brecon, Hereford and Cardiff, Brecon Beacons National Park features stunning scenery that will thrill and exhilarate all members of the team. These are some of the most popular activities in Cardiff since they combine the challenging physical feats, such as fording raging torrents and scrambling up sensational waterfalls with the breath-taking views from the top of a mountain before plunging into seemingly bottomless mountain pools.


Bush Craft and Castaway Days

A great team building exercise with a difference is learning what it takes to be self sufficient. Many people think they can survive out in the wilderness. By engaging a corporate group in activities in Cardiff, such as a bush craft or castaway day, each member learns how to work effectively with one another to obtain the items they need to survive. With guidance from the instructors, teams will learn to search out water, food, shelter and fire, the four basic elements needed to survive in the wild. From building a rudimentary shelter and finding a source of fresh water to making an effective fire and obtaining food without visiting the supermarket, this is one team building event that will prompt memories and discussion for some time to come.


Invented in south Wales, coasteering is one of the most popular activities for team building events. With an Atlantic coastline that is accessible and a path the runs the length of the country, Wales offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to really explore its rugged beauty. After climbing and scrambling up the rugged coastline and cliff faces of the path, team members then either dive or jump into the clear, cold waters of the Atlantic. The caves, coves and other hidden treasures can then be explored more fully.

In order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all members of the team during a corporate team building event, it is crucial to choose an adventure company that provides instructors who are experienced, Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) licensed, proficient in surf life saving and who have a strong love for adventure. The equipment and safety gear that is needed in order to fully participate in whichever event is chosen should be provided by the company. In addition, the instructors should be willing to cater to all the physical abilities and needs of the group.

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