Organising Activity Stag Weekends

Activity stag weekends, guaranteed to be memorable!

Activity stag weekends are perfect events for bridegrooms to bid farewell to bachelorhood. It is a rite of passage, which prepares them for the rigors of marital life. During a stag do, it is common for the groom's friends to initiate pranks at his expense. As his last night of freedom, the groom will also undergo activities that transcend normal fun activities.

A male relative of the groom usually assumes the responsibility of organising the stag party. This is undoubtedly a hassle-laden process that requires astute planning. It requires a lot of brain wracking to come up with a great stag do idea. With the help of stag organising companies, stag party organizers can prevent the event from becoming a cropper.

When preparing a stag weekend, it is important to display an aura of organization. There are some factors that require consideration by the organisers. For instance, it is pivotal for them to confirm the wedding date. This will guide them in arranging the party conveniently since they can avoid any time constraints.


The next factor for consideration is the stag date. While arranging for a stag do, the organisers ought to set a preliminary date for the event. This should be done in conjunction with the wedding committee. Also, organisers must ensure that the appropriate date does not come close to the wedding date. Such an occurrence would make for a harrowing experience if something bad happens to the groom. The ideal date for a stag party could be a fortnight away from the wedding day.

How big is your party?

Another thing to remember is the number of people to attend the party. It would be interesting if the party does not get too crowded. Acting on the advice of the groom, organizers must invite a manageable level of guests. Some of the most common guests would include the groom's friends from college, school, work or even childhood pals. There are guests that organizers would do well to ignore. These are people who are abrasive and could rub other people the wrong way.


A stag weekend is incomplete without a stag location. This is normally dependent on the cost of the location and the length of the stag event. The perfect stag do location is one that suits the preferences of the groom. When going to faraway destinations, it is important to consider the credit crunch. This will guide the organisers in estimating the travel expenses and arranging the travel documents.


During the stag party, friendly banter and jokes will be a major part of the event. Amidst this jovial and freefall mood, all guests must not stray too far. Most stag dos have grappled with the issue of strippers. Organisers have the inevitable task of liaising with the groom over this issue. If he does not okay it, then the organisers must abide by his wishes. Failure to do so is always a recipe for a disastrous stag do.

The bridegroom is always the center of attraction at all stag parties. Organizers have the responsibility of ensuring that they are comfortable and happy. Above all, they must make it safely to their wedding day. Activity stag weekends are necessary to provide grooms with a perfect sendoff to marital bliss. It is also an ample chance for boys to bond without the distraction of their spouses or girlfriends.

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