Gorge Walking, Canyoning or Coasteering in South Wales which do you prefer?

In previous Blogs we have explained the differences between Gorge Walking, Gorge Scrambling, Canyoning and Coasteering and all events have many parts in common all the activites are based in South wales close to Cardiff and Swansea. The mountain ranges of he Brecon Beacons are home to some of the best Canyoning and Gorge Walking Sites in the World, and the Cliff faces near Cardiff and Swansea are home to some of the best Coasteering sites.

Traversing, low level climbing, wild swimming, scrambling, rock hoping, assending, desending, leaping and jumping are common to all the activities with greater degree of intensity dependant on the event. Gorge Walking and Gorge Scrambling are the lower level versions with easier access and exit and low, and mid level climbs and jumps. This is a popular event with Youth groups, Hen parties and Corporate events.

Canyoning and Coasteering offer a high intensity, and that is why I believe these are the favourite activities for stag parties staying in Cardiff and Swansea, military groups and sports groups. With the higher intensity comes higher risk levels, the climbs on these events are more technical and the jumps into plunge pools or into the sea bigger and bolder and in many ways more isolated. People undertaking these events have to have a different mindset and be willing to get stuck in.

Personnally I love all the events down to walking in the mountains to throwing myself off 40 foot coastal ledges, it is not the thrill I seek but the humility of my environment, I love the mountains, cliff faces, plunge pools, caves, caverns, blow holes, flowing rivers, surging sea's, they all make me realise how lucky I am not just to have these elements around me, but to get to be a part of them as well.

So if your on a stag weekend in Cardiff or a Rugby group on an activity break in Swansea the perfect activity and adventure for me is being a part of the wonderfull environment of South wales and playing in it.

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