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When planning a group vacation more planning is needed to accommodate everyone and make the experience more memorable. Group experiences, such as activities in Cardiff, are memories to be shared for a lifetime. They also instill teamwork and confidence within the members of the group.

Quest Adventures in Wales offers the finest group adventures in the UK. Group oriented activities are designed to include the entire group. The long list of activities is unique and difficult to duplicate anywhere.

Quest Adventures is based in Cardiff, the capitol of Wales,
Swansea, Brecon and Porthcawl South Wales. These are outdoor adventures on both land and water. Catering to all groups such as corporate groups, as well as youth groups, schools and sports teams, there are exhilarating experiences to be had for all.

Gorge Walking in the Brecon beacons with its breathtakingly beautiful landscape and is exhilarating. Navigating down the sides of waterfalls, diving into the pools of crystal clear water, sliding down the steep clefts and navigating rocky crevices are all part of the activities. These are the ultimate water slides. You will be screaming and laughing until it hurts. It’s that much fun. For those who prefer not to get wet, there are trails that go around the falls.

Kayaking in Cardiff Bay affords a picturesque trek of the city of Cardiff. After a lunch at one of the many restaurants, it is time for a exhilarating boat ride aboard the Burst. The ride will extend along Cardiff Bay, the capital in Southern Wales at speeds in excess of 85 mph while experiencing stunts and tricks only the Rib boats are capable of. Cardiff Bay’s beauty proves such places really exist.

Surfing is excellent and a great group activity, even for the novice. Porthcawl, South Wales is the premier surfing coast. Large waves are present year ‘round, which are great for the experienced surfer to the novice. Fully trained and experienced surf instructors will guide you through, in and out of the water. All the necessary safety equipment is supplied with the instruction.

Raft Building is a competitive adventure located in Porthcawl, South Wales. The objective is to divide into groups of four. Each group begins a race to build a raft from the materials found on the beach, then be the first to launch and sail around a predetermined coarse. This is a great team builder as it teaches leadership skills as well as communications. It also helps to build problem-solving skills. Not only that, but it gives you the opportunity to boast that your team was the winner. Safety boats are always close throughout the coarse.

Coast Steering is a great way to spend the weekend. This adventure navigates around the rocky coastline of South
Wales. The coastline of South Wales is comprised of high shear cliffs a deep blue water. There are a maze of caves and caverns located along and at the base of the cliffs. A guide will direct your party to the best adrenaline pumping places to dive or jump off the cliffs into the waters below. This is not for the weak-hearted. Climb the cliffs and show off your prowess as you take your leap from the towering cliffs. Swim into the caves and caverns at the base of the cliffs. The view is perfect for taking those once-in-a-lifetime pictures in remembrance of days gone by and your amazing trip to South Wales.

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