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Through the research we have been apart of. across the globe its is known that the pH of ocean water is changing, becoming more acidic. Sea water is a little bit basic normally and the acidification of this water   poses a great problem for the ecosystem of the entire planet as many different species (including ours) could be effected by this change. Being based on the South Wales coast in Cardiff and Porthcawl the ocean and its functions directly effect us. It is theorised that the changing pH of the ocean is most prominently due to the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere, which is a direct result of the increase in combustion of fossil fuels which we use for energy. This atmospheric CO2 then dissolves in the sea water forming carbonic acid (H2CO3) and then dissociating in a two stage due to instabilities in the compound to form H+ (which lowers the pH of the water) and HCO3^-1. This can further dissociate again via the removal of another hydrogen.

The increase of these ions in the ocean water has many effects, it lowers the pH of the water and it increases the amount of ions that can effect the calcification process of many marine species. The lowering of water pH can create an environment in which some microorganisms cannot function properly, making them die due to out competition, which has the potential not to only severely damage the species but also the species who use them as a food source as if this is reduced then many of that species will also die and a chain reaction has the potential to occur. The ions that aid in the dissociation of shells that use the calcification process has much the same effect as the species are not able to properly form shells.

A solution that is currently being looked into is the use of sea grass to reduce the CO2 in the water through photosynthesis and also has reaction mechanisms with the HCO3- ion. Here at Quest Adventures we have been reaserching with Students from Cardiff and Swansea University the effects of pH levels in the sea's of the world and the adaptation of Sea Grass to effect this change to the positive effect.

We are researching into the development and growth of Sea Grass around the world to reduce the effects of CO2 in the water, neutralise the levels of pH and increase the productivity of marine species. This will have a huge all round positive effect on the effects of CO2 in the enviroment, water pH levels and stocks of all marine species.

We are dedicated to make a change, we work in the Sea's, Rivers and Mountains of the world taking people Scuba Diving, Canyoning, Gorge Walking, Surfing, Mountaineering, Kayaking, we have been given the privilege to be a part of the worlds natural resources, we have to make sure we can protect and give back for our future generations.

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