Activities Conditions Report Cardiff, Swansea, South Wales, 31.12.2015

Gorge Walking, Gorge Scrambling, Canyoning, Ghyll Scrambling near Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales:    The rivers levels are very high at the moment and the ground is super saturated. So the rivers are quite volatile, this really is a time to know your rivers and judge them according to the conditions. At the moment all Canyoning and Gorge Walking activities in the South Wales area are a no go and are looking that way over the coming days with constant rainfall accross the region. The Mellte and the Sychryd are far to high at the moment but due to their fast flowing nature and calm to appropriate levels with a dry spell. So keep watching the rain and the environment agency rivers levels monitor.

Coasteering near Cardiff, Swansea in South Wales   Yes I am sorry again but areas close to Cardiff and Swansea such as Ogmore by Sea and Caswell bay are completely off limits for Coasteering again this week as they have been for the following few weeks before. I can only say that the place to go is West Wales such as St Davids. Here the conditions are far more protected from the wind and the swell so may have a chance in these areas. Best to contact the local companies for more advise in this region.

Surfing, Surf Kayaking and Paddle Boarding The swell is huge again and so is the wind again, they are very much hand in hand at the moment and over the last few weeks. Beaches closest to Cardiff such as Coney beach in Porthcawl are looking the best option and Caswell bay in Swansea. Sea temperatures are also up so conditions are looking good for these protected spots over the next few days.

Outdoor Activities, Adventure and Events  - The weather has played a huge part in the running of our activities and events over the past years but especially over the past few weeks. The rain and wind has been quite consistent making the rivers swell and the sea's to surge. This has been good news for the surfing events but not for Coasteering and in some parts Gorge Walking and Canyoning which have all been effected by the volatile conditions. The weather is what makes our events so great, the storms and the rain create the actual adventure we provide through mother nature. Our job is to keep everyone safe in the environment we love here in South Wales and many have witness its ferocity and beauty. So as we go into 2016 we would like to say Happy New Year to all of you who have been with us in this wet and wild land and hears to another wind swept, rain affected 2016 in the sea's, mountains and rivers.

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