Activities Conditions Report Cardiff, Swansea, South Wales 29.01.2016

Gorge Walking, Gorge Scrambling, Canyoning, Ghyll Scrambling near Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales:     You must be crazy to go into the Gorges near Cardiff and Swansea in South Wales this weekend, we have gale force winds but more importantly we have terrential rain and the rivers are still very high. We are planning a staff training day for Gorge Walking and Canyoning on Saturday but we have had to cancel due to the severe conditions, so if we cant go then you definitely cant go, unless your some sort of swift water and flood water rescue and management guru. So my advice is to go surfing or paddle boarding but whatever happens stay off the Gorges.

Coasteering near Cardiff, Swansea in South Wales    BOOM!! Blown out again, big winds and big swell are effecting the coasteering near Cardiff and Swansea for a long period of time at the moment. It seems to be an age since conditions were right in the South Wales area. Obviously it is winter and we do get the more adverse conditions so hopefully the swell and winds will calm down to a manageable size soon.

Surfing, Surf Kayaking, Beach Activities and Paddle Boarding  The swell is huge again this week but so is the wind AGAIN, seems to be the story of the winter big swell, big wind, big swell, big wind. Its all about beach selection over the next few days especially in South Wales on beaches close to Cardiff and Swansea. The areas protected from the south westerly winds will do best such as Coney in Porthcawl and Caswell in Swansea. However they will be dependant on the tide especially the incoming tide wich will occur every 12 hours 25 minutes to be precise. So watch the weather, pick the right tide 4 hours before the flood and select the right beach, couldn't be easier!

Activities and Events in Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales The bookings for our outdoor activities and events are now coming in thick and fast, its the season where everyone wants to start planning and booking there holidays activities, stag weekend events in Cardiff, hen party events in Swansea, Youth group activities, corporate events and the individual just coming down to stay for a few days. We have everything on offer for the outdoor enthusiast or just some one wanting to get out in the wilds with a new adventure. Our first group will be with us in February heading into the waterfalls for there Gorge walking event with our first Stag group from Cardiff. All the usual details and pictures will be available as soon as we get them.

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